The Nordic DC-3 Association

Agreed upon unanimously at the association’s first founding meeting of The Nordic DC-3 Association on February 21, 2009 in Vantaa, Finland


The name of the association shall be The Nordic DC-3 Association hereafter referred to as the Association.


Non-commercial association of organisations operating and promoting historical transport aircraft and aiming to increase public awareness of the part played by them in the development of safe commercial aviation and actively striving to pass on the know-how and tradition to new generations.

To achieve this purpose the Association aims to:

Promote and support Nordic co-operation for the above-mentioned purpose in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and internationally through membership in organisations serving same or similar purpose.

Represent member organisations and safeguard their interest towards government, parliament, authorities and other organisations by acting for required amendments of laws and/or rules and by actively pushing negotiations on taxes, fees and charges.

Represent member organisations and safeguard their interest towards government, parliament, authorities and other organisations by acting for required amendments of laws and/or rules and by actively pushing negotiations on taxes, fees and charges.

Be a body to which a proposed measure is referred for consideration.

Participate and promote Members at meetings and arrange at least once a year a convention for members and others of importance to the cause. The responsibility to host such an event to be rotated between members.

Promote and support the best of relations between individual operators and towards authorities, manufacturers and maintenance organisations.

Continuously collect, distribute and exchange knowledge in the field of technical maintenance to maintain highest technical level of airworthiness.

Supply and support each other with relevant information on flight operation as well as training to secure a safe operation meeting with the highest demands.

Distribute among Members any other information and support of vital interest such as economical and historical matters.

Promote the display of the aircraft of the Members to the public at fly- ins, exhibitions and celebration of historical moments related to the part played by aircraft of the Members.


The Association is religiously and politically independent.

Fiscal year

The annual accounts are kept from January 1st to December 31th.


As Members may be admitted those organisations who accept the statutes of the Association and pay the annual membership fee.

The fee is resolved at the Annual Meeting. A list of Members to the Association including names, addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses shall be kept and show entries on payment of membership fees.

Each individual operator counts as one Member.

Member who violates these statutes and acts against the purpose thereof may be expelled by the Board.

A written confirmation shall be presented to the Member continuing the motivations for the decision.

Board of Management

The Board is to lead and delegate the tasks of the Association during the period of its mandate.

It shall also execute decisions made at the General Meeting.

The Board of Management consists of one Chairman and 5 – 7 Board members, at least one member from each organisation included in the Association. The Chairman is elected for a period of one year, The Chair is rotated between the representatives of the individual organisations.

Board members are elected for a period of one year.

One alternate member is elected from each member organisation to attend at the General Meeting.

Accounts and Audits

The Board of management shall be audited on an annual basis by two auditors appointed at an Annual General Meeting. The Association’s accounts, which are closed as per December 31st each year, shall be submitted  to the auditors together with the Annual Report January 30th.

The auditors must submit their report prior to the  Annual General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be held prior to the end of March at the same date and location as the annual conference on a date determined by the Board. Other general meetings shall be held when the Board so requests, or requested in writing, specifying the reason therefore, by 2/3 of the Members. A written notice containing an agenda shall be sent to the Members no later than two weeks prior to any general meeting.

The following matters shall be addressed at Annual General Meetings:

1.   Opening of the meeting
2.   The legality of the meeting
3.   Election of a chairman
4.   Election of a secretary
5.   Election of two persons to attest the minutes of the meeting and count the votes
6.   The Board of Management’s report
7.   Annual report
8.   The auditors’ report
9.   Release from reliability of the Board
10. Election of chairman for the next period of one year
11. Election of members and alternate members for the next period of one year.
12. Election of auditors
13. Determination of annual fee
14. Reports from individual members, submitted two weeks prior to meeting
15. Plan of activities for next year
16. Budget for next year
17. Other matters not included in the agenda.
18. Closing of the meeting

The new elected Board of Managers convenes and appoint secretary and treasurer for the period up till next Annual General meeting and decides on power of attorney.

Right to vote

Only Members who have paid the annual fee have the right to vote.

On Board meetings only members present have the right to vote. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

Change to the statutes

In order to be binding, any resolution concerning an amendment or supplement to these statutes must be adopted at two consecutives meetings, held within two months, one of which must be an Annual General Meeting and the resolution must be supported by at least two thirds of the persons voting at the latter of these two meetings.

Dissolution of the association

As regards a resolution concerning the dissolution of the Association, at least three quarters of all votes cast at a general meeting must vote in favour of such resolution. In order to be binding, the resolution must be confirmed by the same majority at the next general meeting which must be held at least 30 days thereafter. One of these meetings must be an Annual General Meeting. In conjunction with the dissolution of the Association, the assets shall be delivered, in their entirety, to the Members in proportion to length of membership.


, February 21, 2009

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Flygande Veteraner
Vallentuna Aviatörförening
DC-3 Vennerne / Foreningen for Flyvende Museumsfly
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