DDA Classic Airlines

Dutch Dakota Association
Despite Loss Of PH-DDA i 1996 Lives The Dutch DC-3 Club Continue On Med Around 4000 Members And A Impressive Fleet Of Both dc-3, Dc-4'ere And The Unique DC-2. The Have 2 able to fly DC-3, PH-DDZ And PH-PBA.

First Austrian DC-3 Dakota Club

First Austrian DC-3 Dakota Club
The Austrian Association Was Founded i 1994 And Keeps To On Salzburger Flughafen. Their OE-LBC, Arizona Lady, Is Not able to flyBut Stands On Airfield And Used To Association events.

Classic Flight Club

Classic Flight Club
English Can Also Get Out And Fly i Historic Aircraft. Association Maintains And Flying More Aircraft, Including 2 DC-3.

Aeronautical Activity Centre Avedøre

Aeronautical Aktivitetscenter Avedøre
There Is Many Exciting Activities On The Old AirfieldThere Reopened i 2001. Restoration Of Aircraft Maintain Of Buildings, Lectures, Meetings And Courses. On Aeronautical Day Is There Open House Med Experiences For Children And Adults i All Ages.

Danish Flight History Association

Danish Fly Historic Association
Association Promotes Interest For Flight History Through Lectures, Publications, Exhibitions And Meetings And Collect And Restores Flight history Effects.

Denmark's Flight History Company

Denmark Flight history Company
Association Promotes Interest For aircraft And Flyhistorie Through Lectures, Publications, Exhibitions And Meetings And Restores And Maintains Historic Aircraft.

The Air Force's Historic collection

Air Force Historic Collection
Groups Of Volunteers Over the whole Country Collect And Restores equipment, aircraft And Documentation Of Any Kind that Can Show Danish Military flight History.

Danish Museum of Air history

Association Denmark Flight history Museum Værløse
As A Of World Oldest Airfields Contains The Old Air Station Værløse More Worthy Facilities And Obvious Options For Museum operation. Read Closer About This Exciting Project.

European Federation Historic Aviation

European Federation Historic AviationOrganization Working On To EnsureTo Flight Med Historic Aircraft Also i Future Will Be Possible i Europe. Authorities Formulation Of Rules For Registration And Maintain Of Aircraft Is Med Focus On Public Air traffic. The Historic Aircraft Is Been Overlooked. There Is Use For any Different Rules For Our Old Aircraft If We Still Must Could Enjoy Sight Of Them i Air.




Denmark Air Museum

Denmark Flymuseum
Houses Over 70 flights which 57 Can Seen On Exhibition.
40 flights Owned Of Museum, Rest Is Privately owned Or Flyvevåbenmuseet's.
There Are A Complete Collection Of All 11 KZ Types, From KZ in To KZ X, Built i Years 1937-1953 Of Scandinavian Aero Industry (SAI). Thereof Is The 8 planes i Flying Able. Besides Kz Aircraft Are There 8 Other Aircraft There Is Airworthiness.

Technical Museum of Denmark

Denmark Technical Museum
Sister To Our OY-BPB has Together Med A Row Other Historic Aircraft Got New Home Here. Any DC-3 Friend Will Rejoice of the fact that These Aircraft Is Preserved For Posterity And While Understand Importance Of Continue To Could Get A Really Flying experience And Hear Sound Of Our Own Aircraft i Air. 
View Images From Museum Here And Here.  

Arsenal Museum

Arsenal Museum
Museum Shows Danish Defence history From 1500 Century And Forward To i Day. Collection Include Guns i All Sizes, Weapons, Armor, Uniforms And Military Equipment Of Any Art.

Frigate Peder Skram

Frigate Peder Skram
Visit It Live Museum of a Unique Piece Danish Defence history, As Preserved Med Support Of Association Frigate Peder Skrams 's friends.

The Air Force Museum of the Bundeswehr

Das Luftwaffenmuseum Der Bundeswehr

Museum There Moved To The Previous Military Airfield Gatow i 1996 Shows German Military flight From Beginning And To Now. A Impressive museum, which Besides 155 Flights Include Bombs Rockets, Rescue equipment, Small arms, Uniforms, Books And Photos.

Imperial War Museum Duxford

Imperial War Museum Duxford
Cambridgeshire England.
Med Around 180 Historic Aircraft Considered This To help Be Europe Largest Flysamling, Where Man Even Have Option For viewing Some Of Aircraft Demonstrated i Air.

Confederate Air Force

Commemorative Air Force
Ex. Confederate Air Force

The Largest Collection Of Flying Veteran Military aircraft i United States.

Valiant Air Command

Valiant Air Command
Valiant Air Command Is Resident i Florida And Is Special Interesting For Us Here i Denmark. It Is For Here A Of Air Force C-47 Came To After Phase-out i 1982. Ex. K-684 Are Here i Day As "Tico-Belle" (see Misc Articles i Previous Numbers Of DC-3 New).


General And Exciting Pages by plane


Special Forces
Search Engine

Special forces Search Engine
Search engine To Military History And Aircraft.

Airliners Net

Airlineers Net
Is A True Goldmine With over 500,000 Images Of Both Old And New Aircraft.
Link From This Page Leads Obviously Directly To The Most Interesting Of These....

The DC-3 Hangar

The DC-3 Hangar
Here you will find Simply All What With the DC 3'ere to Do.

The Online DC-3 Aviation Museum

The Online DC-3 Aviation Museum
May Network Largest Collection Of DC-3 Substance: PhotosVideo Sound, Books, Stories And Links To All Flymuseer.

McDonnell Douglas

Douglas (now Joined With Boeing And McDonnell
Visit Factory As i Its Time Manufactured Our DC-3.

Warbird Alley

Warbird Alley
Here Is Something To Download For AllThere Interest Out for Historic Military aircraft. Besides Thorough Descriptions Of The Individual Aircraft We find here links To All Just From Motor Workshops To Air Show.


Flight Simulator


Choose your version below

Model 2002

Model 2004

OY-BPB for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 And 2004
DC-3 Friends Is Proud Over to Could Present These Beautiful Models As Accessories To The Known Pc Flight Simulator.
Rendering Of OY-BPB Can Free Downloaded Of All DC-3 's friends, As i Advance Is Holders Of
Flight Simulator 
2002 Or 2004.
(The Two Versions Is Not Approximation Compatible.)
The Supplied Documentation On English Should Be read Thoroughly Before Installation. 
We Assume Us Nothing Responsibility For Any Damage And Accident By Use Of ModelBut Recommend Otherwise Simply to Stairs Pushed Away And Cabin Door Closed Before Taxi And Take off!





Gold hours
Company Have To Houses i Budaörs Airport Near Budapest i Hungary. The Flying On the Russian built Lisunov Li2. Plane has 19 Seats And Man Must Book Min. 15 Seats To Trip.

Australian Air Holidays

Australian Air Holidays
Here Can Man Book A DC-3 Based Tour i Australia. Plane There Used Is Equipped With 28 Seats And Newfangled Tv Screens.

South African Historic Flight

South African Historic Flight
For Adventurous And Well-heeled DC-3 's friends Can Flight season Extend To Also To Include Winter, Where There here Is Option To help Buy Tickets To A Flying Safari i Some Of World Most Scenic Areas.